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Finding your cartoon character with creative effects, create your own emoji or transform yourself into extraordinary characters with artistic effects? Now it’s easy with Pixcam! You can turn your photos into cartoon characters with a few simple touches, change your hair color as you wish or create crazy characters. With its user-friendly interface, you can create unique content in seconds. With a few simple taps it can transform a photo of your choice from your gallery or you can immediately take a photo with your phone’s camera, then you can create fun characters with the filters you want.

What will Pixcam subscription provide you?

  • Create perfect skin with face retouching
  • Create enjoyable content with effects where you can cover your skin imperfections and change your lip color as you wish.
  • Enjoy convert your photos with thousands of stickers
  • Add yourself a pair of glasses or create crazy designs on your background. Turn your ordinary photos into fun content with thousands of stickers.
  • Tired of regular emojis? Create your own emoji and express yourself more fun


  • Create your own cartoon character
  • Have you ever wondered about your own cartoon character? Create your own cartoon twin with whatever mood you want and share it with your loved ones.
  • Have you ever wondered about your zombie state or what would you be like if you were a cartoon? With Pixcam filters, you are now one click away.
  • Change your hair color as you wish
  • Do you want to get the hair color you always wanted but never dared? It’s easy with Pixcam. Choose the hair color you want and share easily.